Race Reports 2019-20

Sailing season ends early

“The executive committee has made the decision to cancel racing for the rest of the season,” said Wallagoot Lake Boat Club secretary Terry Kirby, on March 26th 2020. “This is as a result of the requirements to control the spread of the covid 19 virus.”

While sailing itself allows appropriate social distancing, sailors noticed that we still help each other carry boats out of the shed, and we buddy-up to perform Officer of the Day duties.

The safest option for all was to cancel the remaining races, which otherwise would have been run until the end of April.

With other races cancelled due to the fires, and random days of strong winds, or rain and no winds, the 2019 – 2020 season has been dismal for sailing races. The handicap-start series and monohull pointscore series have produced fair results. However the multihull pointscore looks like it will be a three-way tie, with sailors disappointed  they weren’t able to race for the title on Saturday.

Final results will be announced at the Sailing Club’s presentation day, at a date to be determined in future.

The club thanks its members, sponsors, supporters, understanding family members and friends for the good times shared during the season, and looks forward to more thrilling action in future.

Sailors luck continues

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held two handicap-start races on Saturday 21st March, despite increasing concerns about the Covid19 virus, and were joined by the Canberra Sea Scouts, raising a total of 20 boats.

“We feel very fortunate,” publicity officer Tony Hastings said. “We’re able to maintain a distance of at least 1.5m from each other on shore, and more on the water, so our sport is safe to continue.
“We usually have a sign-on sheet, but didn’t today, so that we don’t all touch the same pen. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the virus, and the threat of it.”

The races were held in light winds, and warm, sunny conditions. The wind swung about 30 degrees after the course was set, which favoured some boats more than others.

Rob Morton the first race on his RS100, after giving the majority of the fleet a 10 minute head start, he flew past them all and won by over 5 minutes. Not only did he sail his typically flawless race, he was favoured by a building breeze and deep downwind legs to use his spinnaker.

Rodger Ubrihien finished second, a terrific result for the veteran sailor.

The Nacra cat of Terry Ubrihien finished third, an exceptional result as cats generally don’t go well in light winds.

Sian Morton won the second race on her Sabre dinghy, half a minute ahead of Mark Gerrand’s Mosquito cat. Mark continues to improve significantly each race.

Bob Harris came third, with his usual rival Rod Anderson just seconds behind.

Jaime Parker-Barnes deserves special mention; he completed the course on a “Topper” dinghy; the first time that boat has ever made it around. The Topper does not point upwind well, has virtually no control of sail shape, is heavy for its size, and yet is a lot of fun to sail. Congratulations Jaime!

Gale warning cancels racing

Racing cancelled due to gale warning off the coast, 14th March 2020. It was 12-15knots on the lake, so a few of us sailed anyway, with the RIB on standby.
The lake level has risen but still about 1/2m below sea level

Regatta winds blow smiles to Wallagoot

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held its annual regatta over the weekend. 36 people on 30 boats contested the five-race event, with ages ranging from 7 to 70. They travelled from as far as the Mornington Peninsula Victoria, Canberra, Sydney and Gosford. The boats included 13 Sabres, 10 monohulls yardstick 112+ (including 4 Sailfish, 2 Laser radial, 2 Sabre, 1 RS Aero7, 1 Pacer) and 7 monohulls yardstick <112 (including 3 NS14, 1 MG14, 1 Devoti D-One, 1 Contender and 1 470).

The weather was ideal with no rain, and wind ranging from 6 to 16 knots. This gave the sailors close tactical racing, plus some absolute full-speed blasting across the water. Visitors remarked how spectacular the lake looked, how terrific the sailing was, and how much they enjoyed the social, candlelit dinner.

The event included the Sabre NSW State Titles, which was ironicaly cleaned up by the Victorian sailors, and the NS14 Southern TT, won by James & Paddy Macken from Canberra.

Results summary:
Sabres (13 boats)
1 Alen Riley, 2094 “Maybe Not”, McCrae Vic
2 Murray O’brien, 1743 “Purple Patch”, McCrae Vic
3 Bruce Abbott, 2065 “Panache”, Black Rock, Vic
Best local Neil Fisher, 7th
Best woman sailor, Sian Morton, 10th

Monohulls yardstick 112+
1 Brian Carroll, Sailfish 3461 “Jack’s Toy”
2 Chris Cleary, Sailfish 1918 “Janus”
3 Ian Milton, Sailfish 2192 “Gooney Bird”

Monohulls yardstick <112
1 Tony Hastings & Luca Dorrough, MG14 “Superfly”
2 James & Paddy Macken, NS14 “Mojo”
3 Michale Hitchens & Gaby Brady, NS14 “Smashing Pumpkin”

Full results & photo album can be found at: http://wlbc.org.au/race-results-3/2019-20-race-results/2020-regatta/

The diverse fleet all enjoyed the regatta

The diverse fleet all enjoyed the regatta

Perfect mixed fleet racing

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held two handicap-start races on Saturday, in challenging conditions that all the sailors enjoyed.
The race started from shore in front of the clubhouse, with a course of a triangle with 800m legs, and windward-return, then another triangle, before sailing back to the clubhouse to finish.
The north-east wind was shifty and gusty, particularly near the clubhouse shoreline, which made for interesting tactical decisions.
In race one Todd & Tiller Helton’s NS14 quickly caught the boats who started ahead of them, and built a substantial lead on the fleet.

Tony Hastings’ Paper Tiger cat started last, caught the Helton’s Northie on the last leg, and it was a tacking duel to the line. Todd & Tiller gained a right-of-way advantage and crossed less than a boat length ahead to win the race. Terry Kirby’s Sabre came third.
In race two, a group of four Sabres battled for the lead all race, and Terry Kirby managed to find an advantageous path up the last leg to take the lead. The group were surprised by Tony’s Paper Tiger, which silently cut through the water and literally flew over the top of Neil Fisher’s Sabre, hull in the air.
At the finish line Terry held on to win ahead of Tony, then Sian Morton’s Sabre.
Next week sees the club hosts Sprint Races, to help its sailors prepare for their annual Wallagoot Lake Boat Club Regatta, March 7 – 8.
The regatta will include the NSW Sabre State Titles, and is expected to draw upto 50 entrants.
Sailors enjoy lunch while preparing to race

Sailors enjoy lunch while preparing to race

Shockwave blasts across lake

A dozen boats raced two pointscore races on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday, 15th February 2020. In warm, overcast conditions, a light 6 to 12 knot wind offered easy, blissful sailing.
My Paper Tiger cat lead the fleet around the course in both races, followed by Derek Lewis’s Contender, Goete Vikstrom’s Laser radial, and the fleet of Sabres. Neil Fisher was first Sabre in race one, and Terry Kirby was first Sabre in race two.
Thanks to Ian Curtis for photos and OOD duties

Goete Vikstrom’s Laser Radial won race one, ahead of the Sabres of Neil Fisher and Terry Kirby.
In race two, Terry won, ahead of Goete and Neil.
Tony Hastings debuted his new Paper Tiger cat “Shockwave Supernova” and won the multhull races, ahead of Mark Gerrard’s Mosquito “Buzz”.

"Shockwave Supernova" debuted on Wallagoot Lake

“Shockwave Supernova” debuted on Wallagoot Lake

Sailing rained out

Racing was cancelled again on Saturday 8th February 2020, this time due to rain. A few of us went out anyway, and had a blast in wind ranging from 10 to 20 knots.
This coming Saturday 15th Feb, we’ve scheduled two Pointscore Races. The Twofold Bay Regatta is postponed to unknown future date.

Fire threat cancels sailing

On January 10, 2020, sailing races at Wallagoot were postponed until further notice. At the time, many of us have evacuated the area, due to bushfires.

Some of our sailors have had fire on their property, luckily not burning the house or boats, others have been actively fighting fires. As far as I know, none of us have lost assets.

We were hoping to race Saturday 18th, and will advise if this goes ahead.

This message publicised January 16th:
Hi folks
Here we are in 2020 and I hope all are well and coping with our current trials. We have decided to cancel racing this coming weekend the 18th of January. RFS have been collecting water by air for fire fighting, and so do not want to hinder their valuable work in any way.
We would still like to hold a meeting at 11.00am to authorise expenses, see to general business and to begin Regatta organisation. Please come along to the meeting and have a say in our club.
At present the park closure is to the east of the club and not impacting on us.
Best regards
Terry Kirby, WLBC Secretary

Sailing sprint races make thrilling end to year

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club hosted six sprint races on Saturday 14th December 2019, which made for fast furious and frenetic action to end the year.
The boats line up together and start as the flag drops, tacking a short beat upwind, then turn onto two reaches before a downwind finish. Each race takes 10 to 15minutes, and the results are calculated using yardsticks.

The moderate easterly wind offering fast, controlled racing, with some shifts rewarding the skippers who timed their tacks the best.
Fastest around the course scores bragging rights, and included four different boats; Todd & Tiller Helton on NS14 “Whistling Kite”, Rob Morton on RS100 “Forty-two”, Mark Gerrard on Mosquito “Buzz”, and Derek Lewis on Contender “Crow”.

After the racing, the sailors eagerly waited for the results on the club’s verandah, as officers of the day Bob Harris and Terrry Kirby read the times to Rob Morton, who calculated them and read them out.

Sian Morton  won the first two races, and scored three thirds for second overall.
Rob Morton won races four and five, plus scored a second places for third overall.
Todd and Tiller Helton won a race, scored a second, and retired early for seventh overall.
Derek Lewis won the final race, for fifth overall.
Leading the series is Neil Fisher, who scored four seconds and two thirds.

The club wishes the sailors who are going off to contest National Titles all the best of luck, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Sailing races and free training sessions will return on January 11th.

Racing through the smoke haze

CONGRATS to Josh and Jarrah Dorrough for winning both races on Saturday 7th December 2019, in 8 – 12 knot winds. Bushfires created a smoke haze across the lake, though none threatened the immediate area.

Josh & Jarrah on NS14 "Yikes!"

Josh & Jarrah on NS14 “Yikes!”

Racing returns to Wallagoot

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held two Pointscore race in perfect conditions on Saturday, a relief after having sailing cancelled due to strong winds on several weekends. At the front of the fleet, there was a terrific battle between the NS14 “Yikes!” of Josh & Jarrah Dorrough, who overtook on the upwind legs, the RS100 “Forty-two” of Rob Morton, who hoisted spinnaker and blasted past on the downwind legs, and the Contender of Derek Lewis, who was always right there to sail past if anyone made a mistake.

Further back the Laser Radial “Tor” of Geote Vikstrom and the classic timber NS14 “Kahoots” of Ian Wood & Jaimie gave chase, staying ahead of the pack of Sabres. Always a providing a race amongst themselves, the five Sabres finish around 10 minutes behind the lead boats, yet the yardstick system means that anyone could win.

In race two Jasper Hastings debuted as crew with his uncle Tony Hastings, sailing NS14 “Superfly”, in close battle with the lead boats.

The catamaran sailors didn’t race; instead they volunteered as Officers of the Day, allowing the rest to race.

Race one results: 1st Josh & Jarrah Dorrough (NS14 “Yikes”), 2nd Rob Morton (RS100

Tony & Jasper prepare to race (the only photo taken that day)

Tony & Jasper prepare to race (the only photo taken that day)

“Forty-two), 3rd Derek Lewis (Contender “Roughy”).
Race two results: 1st Rob Morton (RS100 “Forty-two”), 2nd Josh & Jarrah Dorrough (NS14 “Yikes”), 3rd Tony & Jasper Hastings (NS14 “Superfly”).

Blowout cancels racing

WInds of around 30 knots cancelled sailing on Saturday 26th October 2019.

30 knot winds cancelled sailing

30 knot winds cancelled sailing

Sailors go full blast on Wallagoot Lake

Two handicap-start races were held on Saturday 19th October on Wallagoot Lake, in conditions that reached the maximum wind we sail in.

Terry Kirby won the first race convincingly, then quit while he was ahead and didn’t start race two. Jeff Hope and Morrie Lynch led for most of the race before being passed at the last mark. Terry Ubrihien started last and made a successful charge through the field to finish third.

Joey Lydiard seems to enjoy sailing a different boat every race and jumped on an Impulse dinghy to wind race two. Terry U again blasted around at top speed to score second. Rob Morton was spectacular on his RS100, getting plenty of air under the boat and coming home in third.

Story of the day though was the battle between Rod Anderson and Bob Harris, who started together in both races, and battled side by side all day. Rod finished narrowly ahead in race one, and it looked like Bob was going to finish ahead in race two. During the last tack, not 50 metres from the finish line, Bob capsized which allowed Rod to catch him. Then Rod also capsized on his final tack, so it became a race of who could right their boats first. Rod won that battle, while Bob laughed it off. It was all good fun; despite a few capsizes and retirements, at the end of the day no-one was hurt, no boats were damaged, and we marvelled at a late hailstorm from the comfort of the clubhouse over beers.

Next week two Pointscore races are planned after a morning training session. For more information please see the club’s website; wlbc.org.au

Photo album

The meaning of life

The meaning of life

Championship begins

The season’s first pointscore races were held in perfect conditions on Wallagoot Lake, Saturday 12th October. A south-easterly breeze blew around 6 – 8 knots in race one, then increased to around 10 knots in race 2.
Rob Morton won the first race on his RS100, followed by Goete Vikstrom’s Laser Radial and Terry Kirby’s Sabre.
Sian Morton took a stunning victory in Race 2, well ahead of her Sabre rivals and close enough to to lead beats to win on corrected time. Goete claimed another 2nd place, and Rob Morton took third.
In the multihull division, Joey Lydiard’s Mosquito with spinnaker won ahead of Mark Gebrand’s Mosquito in both races.
Click for full results and Photo album

Sian Morton finished well ahead of her Sabre rivals and won the race overall

Sian Morton finished well ahead of her Sabre rivals and won the race overall

Sailing Season begins

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held its first races of the season on Saturday 5th October, after racing was cancelled the week prior due to strong winds. Results can be found here.

A team of sailors from the club raced in the Jervis Bay Regatta, where Rod Anderson from Merimbula won the multihull division. Rob Morton from Pambula was the only of us who managed to complete all six races, and finished sixth in his division. Tony Hastings debuted a new boat, which was not entirely ready for acing but still finished 5th in the multihull division. Terry Kirby and Ian Curtis enjoyed the off-water comradery.

This Saturday, 12th October, will see the club host the first Pointscore Races of the season, that will count towards the club’s Championship. There may also be free sailing lessons in the morning, if anyone interested contacts the club and books in.