Race Reports 2020-21

17 April 2021

Autumn Sailing

A beautiful autumn day awaited the sailors gathering at Wallagoot Lake Boating Club. A gradually increasing on-shore breeze provided the prospect of great sailing weather.

The start was uneventful with all boats starting on a starboard tack. The fleet of Sabres gradually approached the line by letting the wind out of there sails and then pulling on to power over the starting line as the starting flag, the Blue Peter was pulled down. The faster boats who came from further back then shot over the line and past the Sabres.

Dennis Stanton on his trimaran (Weta) had the lead to himself and was untroubled as he scooted around the course. Derek Lewis in his Contender “Roughy” had a good run and was 2nd over the line. Derek was seen performing a clever move of swinging out on his trapeze when tacking so not having to go onto the boom. Jamie Parker-Barnes is still getting use to skippering his new boat and was ably assisted by Deb Keys. The other faster boat Mark Gerrand in the mosquito catamaran “Buzz” was a long way behind after missing the first mark and having to jybe and come back again. He also had trouble with the port course and wanted to go the wrong way around the marks.

The Sabres as always was an interesting race. This was Terry Kirby’s first sail and race on his new Sabre. The comments were that it was a fast hull. Neil Fisher in his sabre “Windsong” kept Terry on his toes but it was Terry who was the first of the Sabres over the line. It was great to have Roger Ubrihien back sailing in his sabre “Salty Dog”. Mike Stove also put on a good performance on his Sabre.

The second race was much similar but with two less Sabres who packed up early in the warmth of the day. This time Mark Gerrand was in better order and was able to lead over Dennis Stanton in the early part of the second race. Dennis’s better sailing skills shone through however and he was able to be first across the line by quite a way despite on paper the mosquito being a much faster boat than his Weta.

These were point score races and the Australian yardstick for each boat is used to provide a corrected time. These were not available at the time of printing so final positions are not provided.

Thanks to Bob Harris and Morrie Lynch who ran the races

There is one more day of racing for the season on Saturday 24 April. First race will start around 12:30 pm. For more details see our website at wlbc.org.au.


Dueling Sabres

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held two handicap-start races on Saturday 23 January 2020. Summer sailing comes again to Wallagoot Lake. The warmer weather brought a steady onshore breeze pushing along the sailing boats and cooling the sailors. Eleven boats were ready for the races.

A few sailors who had not managed a start this season found time to race. Ian Wood brought his red wooden NS14 “Kahoots”. Ian was well down in the fleet for his first race, but after brushing away the cobwebs and getting into the swing of things came a clear 3rd inthe last race.

Dennis Stanton increased the multihull numbers with his yellow trimaran Weta named “Tokoriro”.

It was the right breeze for the Catamarans who flew around the course blitzing all comers to take 1st and 2nd in both races. Well done Mark Gerrand on ‘Buzz” the Mosquito and Terry Ubrihien on his Nacra.

The fun part of the race however was the Sabres. These four sailors with the same boats, and starting at the same time provided a real demonstration of their race sailing prowess. Particularly as the three Sabre sailors who are usually up there in the placings were running the race or away.

As they turned the last mark heading for the finish line, it was Mike Stove on “Fancy”, Rod Anderson on “Johnny B Goode”, Bob Harris on “Stormy Petrel”, and Alan Holbrook on “Illusion”, tightly packed together. Mike took one tack and Rod and Bob took the other. Rod and Rob went into a tacking duel. Bob being slightly behind Rod was needing to get out of  the disturbed air from Rods sails, so tried changing tack, but each time Rod would respond by also tacking to make sure Bob could not head him. But who had chosen the right tack out of Rod and Mike – you couldn’t tell until right on the line

It was just 2 seconds but Mike Stove crossed the finishing line ahead of Rod Anderson, Bob Harris and Alan Holbrook. This gave Mike Stove an overall 3rd behind the two catamarans.

The second race was a similarly tight one for the Sabres with the first two crossing the final line separated by only 13 seconds. This time the Sabres came in the following order: Rod Anderson, Alan Holbrook, Bob Harris and Mike Stove.

Thanks to Terry Kirby and Neil Fischer who were the race officials for the day