Race Reports 2013-14

Sailing wraps up for winter

The sailing season is now over at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club.
Trophies were awarded winners of the Monohull Pointscore, Rob and Sian Morton, second placed Greg Thornton and third placed Neil Fisher.
The Multihull Pointscore was won by Tony Hastings, in second was Terry Ubrihien and in third, Jeff Hope.
The Pointscore series results were based on yardstick corrected time, which means that boats of different classes can compete equally, but having a fast, light, well-tuned boat is an advantage.
In contrast, handicaps are revised week to week, so that all sailors have an equal chance of winning, and one who improves throughout the season will win the series.
The Handicap Series winner was Brian Wright, in second was Matt Sochacki and in third, Morrie Lynch.
Winner of the Best Female Sailor was Wendy Miller, with Sian Morton and Debbie Keys encouraged to keep racing next season.
Winner of the Best Youth Sailor was Alister French, who was also awarded the Rising Star Award.
The Club appreciated Alister’s skill, enthusiasm and willingness to help other sailors.
Encouragement Awards were given to Eyrl Boulton and Laine West, who both show great potential as sailors in the future.
The Club’s next event will be the Annual General Meeting, in August, and next season will begin on the last Saturday in September.

Puff wins in stormy weather

Warren Page’s Hobie 14 “Puff” won the final handicap-start race of the season on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday, demonstrating his continued improvement.
From 30 contestants in the series, the fleet was reduced to nine on the day, and then the conditions reduced starting numbers to six.
“Just before the race start, rainclouds brought stronger winds and it seemed like the fleet was going to brave a storm,” said Club Secretary Tony Hastings.
“Then suddenly the wind eased, the sun came out, and we started the race.”
Officers of the Day Mike Stove and Eyrl Boulton updated the numbers board each minute, to signal each boat’s time to start.
Page started on 14 and lead all race, with the dinghies in close pursuit, helped by their smaller course.
Alister French sailed the club’s Leader dinghy, “the Slippery Banana” from a start of 17, and looked a potential winner until a wind shift caused an accidental gybe and capsize at the bottom mark.
The Laser Radials of Tony Hastings and Greg Thornton started on 19 and 20 respectively.
The pair traded places a few times during the race, passed French and closed the gap to Page.
“During the final lap, a dark cloud pushed the wind over 15 knots,” Hastings said.
“This made the final reaches fast and furious; our Lasers planed downwind, noses in the air and the spray flying, while Page pushed his catamaran hard with the hull often in the air.”
Thornton’s superior boat control allowed him to pass Hastings, and round the final mark a few boat lengths ahead.
Page’s final tack was crucial; with the pressure of boats close behind, a mistake would cost him the race.
He executed it well and crossed the line a winner, 50 metres ahead.
Hastings closed on Thornton, and tacked to gain right-of-way at the finish.
The pair crossed side-by-side, with Thornton just a nose ahead to claim second place.
Bob Harris and Matt Sochacki started late and their own battles during the race.
The club also welcomed Dave Newell?s new boat, NS14 “Mission Impossible”, which he looks forward to racing with the club next season.
Onshore after the race, the skippers watched dark clouds, rain and white-caps blow over the lake.
Only French, Page and Hastings keen for another race, so it was abandoned.
Final results of the series will be announced at the club’s presentation barbeque, from noon on Saturday May 3 at the club.
The club takes a break over Easter and hosts the final pointscore races of the season on April 26.puff

Warren Page on his Hobie 14, “Puff”

Gillyweed breaths fresh air into club

The trailer-sailor “First Knight” made an impressive racing debut, with John Winson, Terry Ubrihien and Rod Doyle winning the first race at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club on Saturday.

After their handicap as adjusted, they scored a third place in Race Two.

Warren Page scored second in Race One, and then won by a huge margin in Race Two.

Page sails a Hobie 14 catamaran with rainbow coloured sails, which flew around the course, cutting ten minutes off his typical race times.

The huge improvement results from Page?s keen effort, in improving his boat?s hardware and his sailing techniques.

Page said, “the boat is so much better to sail now, it?s made me really keen to get down here and sail it.”
After finishing the first race, Page was having so much fun, he continued to sail another lap.

Morrie Lynch scored third place on his sabre “Nimbus”.

The Club’s Event Coordinator Rob Morton said “the highlight of the day was seeing three new boats on the water; Sian Morton, Eyrl Boulton and Deb Keys.”
Although Sian Morton regularly sails as a crew, these were her first races as a skipper.

She introduced her beautifully restored and repainted Sabre “Gillyweed” to the club, which drew a crowd of impressed sailors.

Perhaps testing to see if Gillyweed helps her to breath under water, as it does in the Harry Potter story, Morton tipped the boat over in Race One.

In Race Two, Morton sailed well to score a second place finish.

Eyrl Boulton has progressed hugely this season; after completing the sailing school in February, he crewed in races during the regatta, sailed his first races as skipper last week, and this week completed both races stepped on the club?s most challenging boats.

Deb Keys also completed the sailing school in February, and completed her first races on Saturday.

“Seeing new sailors completing races is a great success for the club,” said Sailing Instructor and Club Secretary Tony Hastings.
“It makes all the effort worthwhile, when you see them going so well and most importantly, out there enjoying sailing.”
Next week the club hosts two pointscore races, which will count towards the Club Championship.


Sian Morton enjoys hiking out on her new Sabre, “Gillyweed”

Winds ease as season draws to close

Gentle southerly winds enabled the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club to host a sailing training session and two pointscore races on Saturday.
The club reports that Rob and Sian Morton extended their lead in the Monohull Championship, winning both races on their MG14.
Neil Fisher scored two second places, and now is level on points with Greg Thornton, who as absent.
The final races will determine who among these three boats will be crowned Champion, and who will receive the minor prizes.
Matt Sochacki sailed his Impulse dinghy well to finish a few minutes ahead of the Sabres, but on corrected time was exactly equal with Terry Kirby, so they were recorded as tied or third place in Race One.
In Race Two, Kirby achieved third place by closing the gap to Sochacki to just one minute.
Both Monohull and Multihull Divisions started together, which saw Tony Hastings’ Paper Tiger catamaran accelerate away from the pack and round the first mark with a substantial lead.
Hastings went on to win both races and is now the club?s multihull champion for the fourth year in a row.
can drop all remaining races
All competitors may drop their five worst scores, so with ten race wins and some scores as Officer of the Day, Hastings may drop all remaining races.
The minor places remain very close, with Terry Ubrihien scoring two second places remains within a point of Jeff Hope, who achieved the same points as Officer of the Day.
In third place was Warren page, on his spectacular, rainbow-sailed Hobie14.
The club wishes Laine West a speedy and full recovery, as he suffered a broken leg when hit by a car last week.winds ease

Some of the fleet are seen leaving the start line. Left to right: Eyrl Boulton, Tony Lewis, Mike Stove, Alister French, Terry Kirby, Matt Sochacki, Neil Fisher, Ian Wood, Terry Ubrihien, Tony Hastings, Sian Morton and Rob Morton.

Nimbus floats over Wallagoot Lake

Morrie Lynch won the Handicap-start race at Wallagoot on Saturday, on his Sabre dinghy “Nimbus”.
The defending champion stands third in the series, and with four races left to run, he has a slight chance of winning it again, and a very good chance of rising to second.
Series leader Brian Wright did not sail on Saturday, but still holds a comfortable lead because he can drop his worst results,
Matt Sochacki finished second, and stands second in the series.
Greg Thornton made a great charge through the fleet, from starting last to finish third.
The handicap-start race is designed to give slower boats a head start, and have the fleet finish together.
This was very well achieved, with most of the boats closing on the line in a group and finishing just seconds apart.
The handicapping and organisation of the races on Saturday were a credit to the Officer of the Day and Event Coordinator Rob Morton.
The club wishes Rob and Sian well in their racing next week, when they race in the MG14 fleet’s traveller series at Toronto on Lake Macquarie.
Race two was abandoned after the wind grew stronger and several boats required rescuing; fatigue and corrosion in some old parts lead to failure of a mast, a boom and some minor fittings.
Some of the repairs were performed immediately, and a full fleet is expected back on the water next week.
The club?s Sailing Training Program continues to offer boat hire and tuition on Saturday mornings, from 9 to 12.
Demonstrating the success of the program, Eyrl Boulton completed his first race as skipper, on the club?s Sabre dinghy.
When asked how he felt about it, Boulton simply said “it was great!”


Morrie Lynch is closely followed by Matt Sochacki and Greg Thornton as they head for the finish line.

Wallagoot Lake sailing school a great success

“The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club’s annual sailing school was a fantastic success,” said Secretary & Sailing Coach, Tony Hastings.
“We had a huge turnout, with 23 students receiving tuition from a team of 22 instructors and helpers, on a fleet of 18 sailing boats, supported by two rescue boats.
“The students learned the basics of sailing, with some theory sessions and lots of hands-on practice, but most importantly, everyone had fun.”
On both days, the wind became strong in the afternoon, which limited the time spent on the water sailing.
The strong winds may have been a bonus, because watching the experts going flat out in the strong winds appears to have made the students even more keen to develop their skills and keep sailing.
A feature of this year’s sailing school was the inclusion of junior boats, and the offer of an ongoing junior sailing program.
The first session of this new program will begin at 9am on Saturday, and is already booked out by sailing school students.
“We owe many thanks to a lot of people for the sailing school’s success,” Mr Hastings said.
“Our Event Coordinator Rob Morton did a fantastic job of bringing everyone together.
“Our Commodore Brian Wright put in a lot of work sorting infrastructure, from putting together the junior boats to restoring the club’s water supply.
“All of the volunteers who helped as instructors, in the kitchen, and with other aspects of running the event deserve thanks.
“The Club also thanks the Jervis Bay Sailing Club and Callala Bay Sailing School for donating the Manly Juniors, and sponsors of our new RIB Rescue Boat; Bendigo Bank, Merimbula RSL, Club Sapphire and Club Bega.
“We also thank the power-boat users for being so cooperative in sharing the lake with us.”
Click here to see a photo-gallery of the weekendschool

Students and instructors at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club’s sailing school; left to right; Morrie Lynch, Rodger Ubrihien, Neil Fisher, Karen Cseleda, Nik Gray, Felix Jones, Zoe Pentin, Dave Hooper, Suzzanne Gray, Cora Hooper, Bettina Richter, Imogen Richter, Ruby Richter, Mark Bichard, Eryl Bolton, Katrina Brown, Brian Wright, Hayden Riley, Lily Brown, Mary Jane Glasson, Rod Doyle, Luella Bolton, Matt Pritchard, Mike Smith, Harper Northam. Kyarna Boulton, Rob Morton, Ian Wood and Tony Hastings

Sailing fleet powers up at Wallagoot

Perfect conditions attracted the largest fleet of boats so far this season to Wallagoot Lake on Saturday.
17 boats contested two Pointscore races on the warm and sunny day, in 10 to 15 knot winds.
Officer of the Day Mike Stove did a terrific job of setting the courses and running the races.
Mike was assisted by Tony Hastings, who jumped off his catamaran during the race to help right a capsized boat, and still went on to win both multihull races on corrected time.
Last week, Tony placed 5th in the Paper Tiger Catamaran NSW/ACT State Titles, including winning the final race, in light, flukey conditions in Canberra.
Rob and Sian Morton won both races in the monohull division, looking spectacular as ever with the colourful spinnaker flying on their MG14.
In race one, the Mortons were followed by the Sabres of Neil Fisher, Terry Kirby and Rodger Ubrihien, who enjoyed a close, race-long battle.
The club welcomed Alistair French, from Tasmania, who sailed a Sabot to within a couple of minutes of second place on corrected time.
The heroic aspect was that Alistair’s Sabot is a tiny junior boat, and he sailed the adult length course, battling for over an hour to complete each race.
In race two, Greg Thornton finished far enough ahead of the Sabres to claim second place on corrected time.
Terry Kirby finished third, ahead of Rodger Ubrihien and Neil Fisher.
Matt Sochacki’s performance was hampered his boat?s boom-vang broke, which meant that his sail could not hold power upwind.
In race one in the catamaran division, Alan Holbrook with crew finished second on corrected time, ahead of Paul Leaudais and Terry Ubrihien.
In race two, the Windrush Super-sloop of Paul Leaudais showed amazing speed, especially on the reaches, to claim line honours and claim second on corrected time.
Terry Ubrihien came third, ahead of Alan Holbrook and Warren Page.
This weekend the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club hosts a two-day sailing school, which is now booked out and has a waiting list of people wanting to learn to sail.
By the end of the sailing school, all participants should be able to rig a boat, launch it, sail around and return to shore safely.jester

Alistair French starts a race on his Sabot, “Jester” (Photo Mike Stove)

Easy start to year at Wallagoot

Eleven boats contested the first two Pointscore races of the year at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club on Saturday, in light winds. Greg Thornton demonstrated excellent strategic tactics and maintained good boat speed to sail away from the fleet and win both races, across the line and on corrected time.
The boats drifted around the course in Race One, resulting in the course being shortened. On the Rescue Boat, problems with the air-horn made the start and finish a bit confusing for sailors. The issue was resolved by when Officer of the Day Mr Hastings suggested to his assistant, Suzzanne, that she use her life jacket whistle instead.
Thornton quipped, “are we playing sailing soccer?”
As a late seabreeze built, the wind shifted and strengthened for Race 2, which made the contest much more of a thrill.
The start of the second race was the highlight of the day. Matt Sochacki and Rodger Ubrihien made perfect starts from the boat end, while Thornton arrived early, ducked behind them, then accelerated into clear air.
Be the time lap one was complete, Thornton was well ahead of the fleet, much to Sochacki’s chagrin, as he had finished closely behind in Race 1.
The gap between then in Race 1 was just 16 seconds on corrected time, and Sochacki missed out on second place in race 2 by the same margin, to Neil Fisher.
Jeff Hope was declared winner of both races in the multihull division, as the only finisher in that division.
The Club congratulates Rob and Sian Morton for finishing 12th in the MG14 National Titles, and for bringing home a trophy for second on handicap. Tony Hastings claimed similar results, finishing 11th in the Paper Tiger catamaran National Titles, and scoring a trophy for second in B-Grade.
The Club is preparing to host its annual Sailing School on February 8and 9. Participants will learn all of the skills required to rig and sail on Wallagoot Lake. The school is limited to 20 participants and is nearly fully booked. The school is free for members, and the first to pay their membership fees and confirm their booking will be enrolled in the sailing school.
The Club intends to begin a Junior Sailing Program in late February, offering tuition and racing for juniors from 9:30 to 12 on most Saturday mornings.easy start

Some of the fleet are seen sailing away from the start-line in Race 2

Sabres get to fleet’s pointy end at Wallagoot

Strong gusty winds made for thrills and spills for the eleven boats that raced with the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club last Saturday, November 9.

Neil Fisher demonstrated his masterful boat handling skills to win both races in the monohull division, while Terry Kirby finished second in both.

Rodger Ubrihien lead part of race one, and after 46 minutes of racing, he finished just 16 seconds behind the winner, to come third.

Rob and Sian Morton sailed conservatively to avoid capsizing, and finished fourth then third in the races.

In steadier winds, Sian would hang off a trapeze wire and stand on the side of the boat, but as the gusts dropped as suddenly as they hit, it was highly likely that she would be dunked in the water if she did that; we call that getting “tea-bagged”.

After the racing, many of the sailors admitted to getting tea-bagged, blown over, nose-diving and capsizing on the gybes, which led to three boats retiring and five boats not starting race two.

In the multihull division, Tony Hastings’ Paper Tiger scored two more wins, maintaining a four-year winning streak on the lake.

Jeff Hope’s Windrush showed great improvement after he?d tightened the beam bolts, to finish second in both races.

Warren Page’s Hobie 14 finished a gutsy third, after getting blown over during the race.

Onboard video of Saturday’s race by Tony Hastings

Photos by Laine West

pointy end

Neil Fisher (left) leads Trrry Kirby (Blue hull), while Jeff Hope cuts between them. Warren Page’s rainbow sail at rear. Photo by Laine West

Discovering Sailing a success at Wallagoot

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club enjoyed a great fun and highly successful weekend, with perfect weather during both Saturday’s races and Sunday’s Discover Sailing Day.

Greg Thornton’s Laser ‘Ariel’ dominated the monohull fleets, leading the way and winning on corrected time in both races. Behind him it was very close, after an hour’s racing four boats finished within 50 seconds of each other on corrected time. In race two, there was just 4 minutes between first and eighth place.

Racing in the multihull division was not as close, with Tony Hastings’ Paper Tiger winning both races by a huge margin. Last weekend Hastings was crowned ACT Multihull Champion and is off to contest the Coila Lake Regatta next week.

Dennis and Suellen Stanton’s new Weta trimaran came second in both races, and seemed to improve lap by lap as they learned to operate the speed machine.

Discover Sailing Day attracted over 40 participants, who were offered free rides on a range of sailing boats. The participants included many juniors, from age four and up, many of whom are keen to enrol in the club?s proposed junior sailing program.

The sailing experiences provided varied from comfortably cruising on a trailer sailor, to the balancing act of dinghy sailing, and to the thrilling, high-speed action of catamaran sailing. A dozen of the participants had never sailed before, and a similar number have registered interest in coming back for sailing lessons.

The Club would like to thank all the volunteers who made the day a success, especially Rohan Steele, who drove all the way from Sydney to demonstrate new Windrush cats. See: Windrush catamarans

A variety of boats prepare for a race start on Wallagoot Lake

Wallagoot local wins ACT Cat Champs

Wallagoot’s multihull champ, Secretary and Publicity Officer, Tony Hastings, won overall in the fleet of 19 small cats at the ACT Multihull Championships, October 19 & 20, at the YMCA Sailing Club.
“It was mostly luck,” Tony said, as he consistently found favour in Canberra’s shifting winds.
The competition included former International Champion, Ian Marcovitch, Maricat Champion Michael Colecliffe, and local talent Alan Perry.
“What I loved most about the weekend,” Tony said, “was that my Dad Richard was there racing, and sharing the weekend with me.
“The Paper Tiger fleet also included a father racing his daughter, while other parent and child combos raced together on the same boat.
“While winning races is a great thrill, sharing it with family makes it special,” Tony said.


Tony Hastings on Paper Tiger 2901 leads the fleet during the ACT Multihull Championships

Strengthening wind reduces fleet

We had a great days sailing on Saturday, October 19. Arild Hellend and Grant Keogh were OODs

It was a handicap event. It was a beautiful day, the NE breeze built as it does. It was recorded at 8 building to 14 knots for the first race. We had 7 starters, Morrie retired after a swim, Jeff got into trouble, but finished anyway.

1.      Brian & Terry U on Dear One     59.25
2.      Neil Fisher on Windsong         62.13
3.      Terry Kirby on Frodo            62.22
4.      Rob & Sian on the Wizard        62.38
5.      Matt S on Bunyip                64.05
6.      Jeff Hope on the Windrush       68.30
7.      Morrie                          DNF

Neil, Terry, Rob and Matt were all on the last short work together, Brian was docked 3 mins by the OODs for his win, Matt was given 2 minutes

The breeze came in stronger for the second race, being recorded at 17 ? 19 knots with some puffs stronger. We sailed the same NW course.

4 started, Matt S was in second place when he swan to windward near the last bottom mark, and subsequent broke his tiller, needing a toe home. It was certainly a challenging afternoon. My Sian did really well, complaining about the strength of the wind all the time, but not wanting to stop! Jeff Hope praised her on her stamina and bravery. The 60 degree gybe angle is too tight for us to carry the spinnaker in that wind, we only carried it on the return, but were able to get through anyway. The 2 sailed reaches were very exciting. We were sailing on the jib upwind, with the main just popping inside out to normal most of the time

1.      Rob & Sian on The Wizard        54:51
2.      Neil Fisher on Windsong         56:02
3.      Brian & Terry U on Dear One     about 70
Matt S                          DNF

Seabreeze creates fun racing at Wallagoot

10 boats rigged up in front of the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club for the first Pointscore Races of the season, on Saturday 12th October.

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club is the only club offering sailing races for off-the-beach boats in the district, and this week’s sailors came from localities including Eden, Wyndham, Pambula, Merimbula, Wallagoot, Bega, Quaama and Corunna.

In the Pointscore races, all of the boats started together to race around a set of buoys, to determine who is the fastest around the course.

Race results factor in a boat’s yardstick, which allows the club to calculate comparable results for the different classes of boats sailed.

Winners each both the Monohull and Multihull Divisions were the Club?s reigning champions, Rob and Sian Morton on their MG14 “Wizard of Oz”, and Tony Hastings on Paper Tiger catamaran “Tigerdelic”.

The races were held in fun and challenging conditions, with a patchy, gusty and fresh sea-breeze blowing across the lake.

Two of the best monohulls retired from Race 1; the footstrap on Neil Fisher’s Sabre broke, which resulted in him going overboard and snapping his tiller extension on the way.

Todd Helton’s young crew, daughter Tiller, felt the cold as the wind increased and retired on compassionate grounds.

Greg Thornton on Laser “Ariel” narrowly scored second ahead of Alan and Laine Holbrook’s Mirror Miracle “This Way Up” on corrected time in Race 1, and came third behind a hastily repaired Neil Fisher on Sabre “Windsong” in Race 2.

Peter Debney christened Morrie Lynch?s new Sabre ?Nimbus? before the racing began, and Morrie showed much improved form with a couple of mid-fleet finishes on the new boat.

Also showing great improvement was Bob Harris, on Sabre “Stormy Petrel”.

The Club thanks volunteers Wendy and Glyn Miller for volunteering to be Officers of the Day, with assistance in course setting from Rob Morton.

Next Saturday the club will run a couple of Handicap-start races.

Coming up on Sunday October 27th is “Discover Sailing Day”, an opportunity for anyone to be taken for joyrides on the sailing boats for free.seabreeze

The fleet of boats power away from the startline on Wallagoot Lake

Commodore uncatchable in light winds

TWO handicap-start races were held in very light winds at Wallagoot Lake last Saturday, 5th October 2013.

In these races, slower boats are given a head start so that the faster ones might just catch them by the end of the race and the whole fleet will finish together.

The Club’s new Commodore, Brian Wright, lead the way on the water as he does a the meetings; he was first to set sail on his Caribou trailer-sailor “Dear One”, and held the lead to win both races.

“It was my perfect sailing weather,” Brian said, “that’s why I went so well.”

In Race One, Todd Helton from Bermagui sailed into second place on his Pacer dinghy, with young daughter Tiller as crew.

It was Todd’s first race on this boat, which he bought specifically to sail with his children, who struggled to hang on to his speedy Maricat catamaran.

Tiller was reported to be very eager, saying at lunchtime, “can we go sailing yet?”

Morrie Lynch built himself a new boat over winter, and sailed the white Sabre “Nimbus” to third place.

The boat looks beautiful and is a tribute to Morrie’s outstanding craftsmanship.

During Race Two the wind died from not much to nothing at all, which meant the faster boats had no chance of catching up to those given a headstart.

Alan Holbrook brought his Mirror Miracle dinghy down from Quaama, and while giving joy-rides to kids sailed into second place.

Mike Stove took third on his Sabre dinghy.

Tony Hastings represented the Club at the Jervis Bay Regatta on his Paper Tiger Catamaran, and summed up the weekend as “great racing in a fleet of 50plus boats, perfect conditions with 10-15 knot winds, and there were Dolphins!”

Tony took the opportunity to chat with people from the Jervis Bay Sailing Club and Callala Bay Junior Sailing School, which has led to the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club being offered three Manly Junior sailing boats.

“The Manly Juniors are a terrific junior training boat,” Tony declared.

“I hope any 8 to 14 year olds reading this might look them up on the net,  (at www.mj.yachting.org.au/ ) because you could be sailing them this summer!”

1st race blown out

The first race of the season was cancelled today, with wind gusting to 40knots. The spectacle included watching spray being blown off the surface of the water, and forming a twisting cloud, almost like a waterspout.
Thanks to all who attended, brought their families, and enjoyed a sociable lunch in the clubhouse.

blown out

Matt, Rob and Bob (Morrie at rear), inspect the rigging on “Stormy Petrel” as the wild wind blows across the lake

Fundraising for school sailing

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club hopes to work with Kianinny Resort to provide sailing as a sport for school groups. The groups may be visitors staying at Kianinny Resort, or locals attending as part of their regular weekly sports activities. The WLBC may also be able to run junior training on Saturday mornings.

School sailing requires appropriate boats, and a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) for instructors to use. We are immediately seeking to obtain a RIB, a Pacer Dinghy, and small junior boats such as Sabot, Optimist or Bic.

To purchase these craft, the WLBC is seeking sponsorship and donations.

The Wallagoot Lake guitar was being raffled as a fundraiser for this project, tickets $5 each or 3 for $10.
The raffle was won by Richard Hastings (father of WLBC Secretary and painter of the guitar). Richard suggested finding a worthy person to give the guitar to, such as a keen & impoverished music student. A second ticket was drawn out, and the guitar has now been won by Tilley Wood, the teenage daughter of sailor Ian Wood.

guitar bob

The Wallagoot Lake guitar, modelled by Bob Harris

wlbc guitar

detail of the painting; our regular fleet racing around our usual north-east starboard course