Race Reports 2016-17

Celebrations end sailing season

Sailors at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club enjoyed a barbecue lunch before a presentation of prizes last Saturday, 6th May 2017.
Rob and Sian Morton retained their status as club champions, winning the Monohull Pointscore when they sailed together on their MG14 “Wizard of Oz”.
Rob also won the Handicap-start series, demonstrating improving throughout the season when sailing alone on his RS100 “forty-two”.
Sian’s sailing on her Sabre “Gillyweed” won her the prize of Best Female Sailor.
This year’s Multihull Champion is Terry Ubrihien, who sailed a Maricat.
Youth Champion is Refi Oliver, in convincing style as he won every race he contested at the club.
As well as giving out prizes, the sailors took time to thank volunteers, supportive family members and each other for the season of fun times, learning experiences and competitive racing.
The club plans to  hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday July 22, and begin sailing next season on Saturday September 23.


Monohull Pointscore
1st Rob and Sian Morton, MG14 “Wizard of Oz”
2nd Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough, NS14 “Superfly”
3rd Terry Kirby, Sabre “Let the Wind”

Multihull Pointscore:
1st Terry Ubrihien, Maricat
2nd Dennis Stanton, Weta trimaran “Tororiro”
3rd Jeff Hope, Windrush

Youth Pointscore:
1st Reif Oliver, Bic O’Pen “Mr Majestic”
2nd Denu Oliver, Bic O’Pen “Iceberg”
3rd Lily Leekie-Fisher, Sabot “Jester”

1st Rob Morton, RS100 “forty-two”
2nd Brian Wright, Caribou “Dear One”
3rd Josh Dorrough, NS14 “Yikes”

Rising Star – Josh Dorrough, NS14 “Yikes”
Best Female Sailor – Sian Morton, Sabre “Gillyweed”
Best Youth Sailor – Reif Oliver, Bic O’Pen “Mr Majestic”
Sabre Series – Terry Kirby, Sabre “Let the Wind”

Fast racing on Wallagoot Lake

The Wizard of Oz sailed a couple of magical races on Saturday 8th April, winning both by a substantial margin.
The race wins are likely to have won Rob and Sian Morton the club championship, though final results will not be released until presentation day, May 6.
At lunchtime on the warm, fine day, the sailors waited the glassy, windless lake.
After an hour or so’s delay, racing got under way in a light north-easterly breeze.
There was a close group of boats at the first buoy, the Wizard leading the NS14 “Yikes!” of Josh, with the multihulls also there.
NS14 “Superfly” of Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough closed on Yikes down the fast reaches, then used shifts in the wind to advantage to pass.
They finished in that order, with Brian Wright and Mike Stove following them home.
Dennis Stanton and Suellen O’Brien won the multihull division, ahead of Terry Ubrihien and Jeff Hope.
The wind continued to build, ranging from 10 to 18 knots during race two, which made for some fast and spectacular sailing.
The sailors thanked Wendy and Glyn Miller for acting as Officers of the Day and running the races.
In Race Two the Wizard of OZ won, with Superfly second and Yikes third.
In the multihulls, Weta “Tororiro” won ahead of Jeff’s unnamed Windrush and Terry’s unnamed Maricat.
There is no racing at Wallagoot over Easter. The three NS14s head to Wangi Wangi to contest the state titles. Handicap-start races are scheduled for April 22.

Winners grinning at Wallagoot Lake

Sailors at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club were delighted to complete two handicap-start races on Saturday 1st April, after the previous two weeks’ races were cancelled due to lack of wind.
Brian Wright won the first race easily, sailing a perfect race and finishing nearly two minutes ahead of the next boat.
Alan Holbrook and Ian Wood took advantage of the light winds to work on their spinnaker hoisting, and looked spectacular when the big kite was up. They finished second in race one and were disappointed that race two ended before they could catch more boats.
Sian Morton finished third in race one, and was the first of the day’s three Sabre-sailing women.
In handicap-start races, the slower boats get a head start and the faster ones try to catch them. Handicaps are set so that all boats should finish together.
The light winds made this tricky, as only two-thirds of the race had been completed after an hour’s sailing – which is longer than the usual race.
Officers of the Day Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough therefore parked the committee boat next to a buoy to create a finish line that shortened the course.
In race two, they let it go on longer before shortening it, possibly too long as the boats finished in the reverse of their starting order.
This was unlucky for Mike Stove, who lead for most of the race only to eb overtaken on the last lap.
It was still a close finish, with the first six boats finishing within two minutes of each other and on the same leg of the course.
First were Josh and Jarrah Dorrough, on their NS14 “Yikes”, who sailed through the fleet after starting last.
Second was Darren Lydiard and Cassia Dorrough, on NS14 “Aussie Graffiti”, who started with Josh and finished just six seconds behind him in both races.
Brian Wright’s handicap was adjusted by two minutes after race one, so he did well to score third.
Also declared a winner on the day was Ava Petersen, whose goal was to complete a lap of the course without capsizing. She exceeded that goal – sailing with the fleet for most of the day and improving noticeably.
Next week, the club hosts the final Pointscore Races of the season, which will determine who wins the Club Championship.

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Wallagoot Regatta success

A fleet of 25 boats raced in perfect conditions in the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club’s regatta over the weekend of March 11-12, 2017.
The weather defied all predictions to be fine with light – moderate north-easterlies, provided fast, fun and challenging racing.
Visitors from Eden, Jindabyne, Canberra and Gosford raced the locals in five divisions, catering for the trailer-sailors, dinghies, spinnaker boats, multihulls and junior boats.
Division One was won by the Sabre of Terry Kirby from Brogo, ahead of the Lasers of Martin Van Weel and Kerry McGraw, both from Jindabyne.
Division Two was won by the Couta boat of Eden’s Roger Matthews, Helga and Vanessa Causer, ahead of Merimbula local Brian Wright’s Caribou, and Ian Curtis’ Dennis, from Tathra.
Division Three saw the NS14 of Wallagoot local Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough win on countback, tied on points with the NS14 of Michael Hitchens and Kiara Worrall, from Canberra. Third was the Sharpie of Grant Warner, Wendy Emerson and Joh Macdonald, all from Canberra.
Division Four saw Tim Symons from Jindabyne win all four races on his Hobie17, ahead of Darren Lydiard’s Stingray, from Brogo.
Division Five was contested by the Pambula brothers, Reif and Denu Oliver, finishing in that order.
The club thanks Phil Yeomans from Sydney, who volunteered to run the races and open a stall of DeckHardware products.
The sailors were all grateful for the volunteers who helped out to fill roles, from rescue boats to kitchen hands to administration.

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Wizard wins again

Rob and Sian Morton won both Pointscore races on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday March 4, on their MG14 “Wizard of Oz”.
The Wizard seemed to cast a magical spell on the weather, making the heavy rain stop just before the boats rigged up, stay away during both races, and then resume with a light shower to wash the boats off as they were being packed up.
The wind was a steady 8-10 knots in race one, increasing to 10-12 knots in race two.
Officer of the Day Geoff Boulton set a course that was ideal for the Wizard’s spinnaker runs, where they flew spectacularly across the lake.
Second in race one was Terry Kirby’s Sabre, then Josh Dorrough’s NS14.
Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough started late and came through the fleet to fourth, then improved in race two for a second place finish.
Third in race two was Josh Dorrough.
The club will host their annual regatta this weekend, which is open to all off-the-beach dinghies, multihulls and trailer-sailors, whether the crews are veterans or beginners.
Membership of a club is required, in order to ensure that everybody has insurance cover.
Publicity Officer Tony Hastings said “there will be fun short-course racing on flat water, a social dinner and fun times!
“We’re expecting visitors to come from as far as Wollongong, Bowral, Canberra and Jindabyne.”

Wendy wins at Wallagoot

A fleet of eleven boats contested two handicap-start races on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday 25th February.
The south-easterly winds were steady, beginning with a moderate 10-12 knots and easing to a lighter 6 – knots.
The story of the day was Wendy Miller’s win of race 2, with Sian Morton in second making it a glorious day for the women sailors.
Wendy was first start, on a 6 minute handicap, with Sian, Bob Harris and Mike Stove all starting slightly later on 8.
It was a close race, with Sian’s sail trim credited as giving her the speed needed to sail away from Bob and Mike; easing the vang downwind to increase sail area and getting it back on for height upwind.
Wendy felt the pressure of the chasing boats and tried her hardest, and held on to lead all race and win.
After starting off 22 minutes, both the NS14 of Tony Hastings and Jarrah Dorrough, and Rob Morton’s RS100 closed in fast at the finish line after a race-long battle to score 3rd and 4th respectively.
Brian Wright won the first race by over a minute, sailing a perfect race to win by over a minute.
Rob Morton’s RS100 sailed through the fleet, after starting on 21, to claim second.
Neil Fisher’s Sabre came third.
Terry Kirby was away, sailing in the Lake Jindabyne Regatta, while the previous week some of the boats raced in the Twofold Bay Regatta.
On March 11 and 12 the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club hosts its annual regatta, which is expected to attract dinghies, multihulls and trailer-sailors from as far as Wollongong, Bowral, Canberra and Jindabyne.

Wallagoot fleet in the Goldilocks Zone

Fifteen boats contested two handicap-start races on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday 4th February. The weather was perfect, being warm but not too hot, and with enough wind without being too windy; the Goldilocks zone.

First across the line in both races was Reif Oliver, on his Bic O’Pen dinghy. Reif started mid-fleet, with top Sabre sailors Terry Kirby and Neil Fisher, and completed the shorter junior course before anyone could catch him. His brother Denu finished second on a matching Bic.

Winning the full course race was Bob Harris, who lead for most of the race after passing the four boats ahead of him. “Being in the lead certainly makes you focus and try harder,” he said.

Second was the Windrush of Jeff Hope, who had good speed in the moderate winds.

Luca Dorrough came in third, then improved to win the second race. Second in race two was Luca’s father Josh, who sailed with son Jarrah and daughter Cassia as crew in each race. Third was Jeff Hope.

The sailors thanked officers of the day, Rob and Sian Morton, for running the races. Sian took a brilliant set of photos (click here to for album), while Rob also processes the results each week (found here).

Next week, two Pointscore races are scheduled.

Thrills and spills on Wallagoot Lake

Congratulations to Jeff Hope for winning the handicap-start race at Wallagoot Lake on Saturday, January 21.
The day began with free sailing lessons, with Sam, Max and Peter all taken out for instructional joy rides.
The wind strengthened throughout the session, beginning calmly and ending with some high-speed thrills and spills.
The wind continued to build throughout the afternoon race, resulting in half the fleet retiring and heading for shore.
Jeff Hope’s Windrush catamaran relished in the strong winds, winning by a good margin over Terry Ubrihien’s Maricat.
Mike Stove, Bob Harris, Luca Dorrough and Alan Holbrook also finished, possibly in that order.
Luca and Tony’s NS14 completely destroyed its jib; the strong winds ripping every panel of the old material.
The club welcomed the Olivers back from their trip to the 2017 Forward Sailing Australian O’pen Cup, part of the Australian Youth Championships, at Henley South Australia.
Reif Oliver qualified in the gold fleet, and finished 20th out of 41 overall.
Denu Oliver sailed in the silver fleet, finished 10th out of 22 overall, and improved throughout the series to score a 3rd in the last race.
Next week two Pointscore race will be held, while a few sailors head down to Inverloch for the Classic Dinghy Regatta.

Perfect weather draws large fleet to Wallagoot

On January 14, 2017, Sailors at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club began  with a training session, providing free sailing lessons to families.
The training covered the basics of leaving shore, keeping the boat moving, and returning to shore.
The club intends to continue offering free lessons every Saturday morning, so that more people can discover and enjoy the wonder of sailing.
Seventeen boats then contested two Pointscore races, in steady South-Easterly breeze.
There was close racing throughout the fleet, with a lead group including the NS14s of Josh Dorrough and Tony Hastings, Rob Morton’s RS100 and Geoff Boulton’s Devoti D-One.
This group was chased by the Laser radial of Gote Vikstrom, in turn closely chased by the Sabres of Terry Kirby, Neil Fisher, Wendy Miller and Bob Harris, the Caribou trailer-sailor of Brian Wright, Dennis trailer-sailor of Ian Curtis, and doing well to complete the course Lily Fisher on the club’s Pacer.
The Maricat of Terry Ubrihien and Windrush of Jeff Hope contested the multihull division.
Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough on NS14 “Superfly” won both races.
Tony said “we had the vang on tight, which helped us point higher than the other boats upwind, and then flicked the outhaul off on the reaches for depth of sail – which made us faster off the wind.”
Terry Kirby finished second in both races, sailing faultlessly.
Josh and Cassia Dorrough scored third in race one, while Rob Morton claimed third in race two.
Terry Ubrihien won both races in the multihull division.
Thanks to Ian Wood and Alan Holbrook for giving up sailing to act as Officers of the Day, running the races.
After the racing, the sailors enjoyed unwinding in the club house with some cold drinks.
Next Saturday free training will be held from 9-12, followed by two handicap-start races.

Learn to sail at Wallagoot

Thirteen boats contested two handicap-start races on Wallagoot Lake last Saturday 10th December, in cool, gentle conditions.

Rob Morton started last and sailed through the fleet to win the first race on his RS100. Geoff Boulton scored second on his Devoti D-One, ahead Luca Dorrough on an NS14.

The shifting, moderate breeze required good sail trim to maximise speed, quick reflexes to respond to the gusts, and good strategy to maximise overtaking chances.

In race two, lighter winds favoured those who were best able to tack at the right times to take advantage of its shifts.

Warren Page won on his MG14, ahead of Bob Harris’ Sabre and Ian Wood’s NS14.

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club plans to return on Saturday January 14 with two Pointscore races, and “Learn to Sail” sessions in the morning.

“Anyone can learn to sail,” said sailing instructor Tony Hastings. “The varieties of boats available mean that people of any age can find one that suits them. This season I’ve sailed with people from 8 to 80 years old. The lessons are free, and the only entry requirements are that you join the club, and are able to swim 20 metres. It’s a cheap sport; for a few hundred dollars you could join the club, get some suitable clothing and be on the water having the time of your life. We have spare boats, so people don’t need to buy a boat to begin sailing.”

For more information, contact WLBC Secretary Terry Kirby on 0420460209

Superfly sails up, up and away

From the start of each race on Saturday December 3, the NS14 “Superfly” of Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough pointed higher and sailed faster than the competition to win both races on Wallagoot Lake.

Mild mannered reporter, Tony, said “the real heroism of the day was onshore, where everyone helped each other rig or fix their boats, loan each other boats, lift them onto the racks at the end of the day, or give up sailing to run the races. There is a wonderful sense of community, friendship and happiness shared at Wallagoot. Later this week we look forward to volunteering at a Peer Support Camp, taking kids out for sailing experiences.”

Second in race one was Brian Wright on his Caribou trailer-sailor “Dear One”. Ian Wood and Jarrah Dorrough scored third on NS14 “Australian Graffiti”, an NS14 borrowed from Josh Dorrough. They adapted quickly to the unfamiliar boat and took second place in race two. Third in race two was Greg Thornton’s Laser Radial, who sailed well but was underpowered in the light conditions. Two identical Maricats of Terry Ubrihien and Alan Holbrook raced closely and finished in that order in both races.

The club welcomed Josh and Annabel Dorrough’s new NS14, “Big Daddy Potato”, and their efforts to help grow the fleet at Wallagoot.

Next Saturday two Handicap Start races will be the last of the year

Family racing at Wallagoot

A dozen boats contested the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club’s Pointscore Races on Saturday 19 November. Rob and Sian Morton won both races, despite some confusion at both starts, which made them work hard for the result. Once each boat’s yardstick as taken into account, the race took around 40minutes, and saw the top six boats finish within minutes of each other, some just seconds apart.

Rob said “in the yardstick races you still have to work hard, right to the finish, because a few seconds can make a big difference.”

The races were held in a shifting, moderate breeze, around 10knots.

Greg Thornton finished second in both races, after dueling closely with Goete Vikstrom on their Laser radials throughout both races. Terry Kirby finished third in race one, then lost time in race two to retrieve his hat and finished down the order. The father and daughter team of Josh and Cassia Dorrough lead the first lap of race two on their NS14, and held on to finish third. Great to see their son Luca skipper a similar boat and closely race them around the course.

The brothers Reif and Danu Oliver raced Bic O’Pen boats, finishing in that order in both races. Younger brother Danu improved noticeably throughout the day, and both look like future champions.

In the multihull division, Terry Ubrihien’s Maricat won both races, ahead of Jeff Hope’s Windrush.

After racing, the sailors enjoyed shooting the breeze with a few drinks on the clubhouse verandah.

Dinghy Champs blown out

Strong winds caused carnage and mayhem during the ACT Dinghy Championships, November 12-13. Despite the fleet taking to the water on both days, only one race was completed.

Five sailors from Wallagoot represented the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club. Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough finished 2nd overall and 1st NS14. Unfortunately 2 races were required to constitute a series, so they narrowly missed out on claiming the title

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Discover Sailing on Wallagoot Lake

Next Sunday October 23 is your chance to be taken sailing on Wallagoot Lake. The locals are offering free rides on their boats, ranging from small junior boats, to Sabre and Pacer dinghies, to large trailer-sailors. Simply turn up at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club between 10 and 3, register and come for a ride. Expect to get wet, so wear wetsuits or old clothes and spray jacket or raincoat. Also bring a picnic lunch; it’s possible you’ll be in a queue waiting for your turn on the boat of your choice.

On Saturday a dozen boats raced in two handicap-start races. Brian Wright lead early and had a massive lead on the whole field, looking a sure thing to win race one. Unfortunately he took a wrong turn, scoring a disappointing “did not finish” for his efforts. Instead it was Ed Molony and Tony Hastings on NS14 “Superfly” who sailed through the fleet to win narrowly ahead of Rob Morton’s RS100 “forty-two”. In third Darren Lydierd’s big, fast catamaran did the classic hare versus tortoise battle, chasing down the rest of the fleet after giving them a huge head-start.

In race two Darren did even better, going from last to first and taking the win. Brian Wright scored a well-deserved second place, after a great early battle with Alan Holbrook’s similarly sized Austral 20 trailer-sailor. Despite a capsize and a swim, Ed and Tony recovered with a combination of outright speed and tricky tactics to score third, again narrowly ahead of Rob.

Reif Oliver won both races Youth division.

Whether it’s a comfortable cruise around the lake, or some high-speed thrills and spills, you’ll have fun if you come down to the lake on Sunday.

off the beach sailing

Sian Morton, with Wendy MIller and Rob Morton at rear, prepare to sail on Wallagoot Lake

Fast, close racing on Wallagoot Lake

Moderate to strong south-easterly strong winds made for spectacular and close racing on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday 8th October, 2016.

After 40 minutes of racing, the gap between first and second was just 20 seconds, with the same gap to third in race one. The boats were so closely matched that one tack, one tactical decision, or one mistake would have won or lost the race. These results are based on yardstick corrected time, which takes into account the different types of boats.

Winner was Tony Hastings with crew Luca Dorrough on NS14 “Superfly”, in second Greg Thornton on Laser radial “Ariel”, and third Neil Fisher on Sabre “Windsong”. Tony said “we had a lot fun, going faster than ever before on this boat. After being multihull champ for 5 years, the dream is win the monohull division. Two race wins are the perfect start to that campaign.”

Also completing the race were Brian Wright’s trailer sailor, Josh and Annabel Dorrough’s NS14 and Geoff Boulton on his new Devoti D-One.

Sole entrant and winner of both races in the multihull fleet was Edward Molony on Paper Tiger catamaran “Tigerdelic”. It was Ed’s first race after returning from working in West Australia, and his first on a catamaran. He literally flew around the course, hull in the air, spray flying. “That blew the cobwebs out!” he said afterwards.

Sole junior skipper and winner was Lily Fisher on Sabot “Jester”.

Race two was also very close. Superfly’s jib split in half just after the start, which slowed them noticeably to windwards. This disadvantage was negated when the wind further increased, and they powered up the mainsail to fly around the last lap, winning by 35 seconds. Neil Fisher claimed second, just 17 seconds ahead of Greg Thornton.

Thanks to Rob Morton for running the races and taking photos.

Next week two Handicap-start races are scheduled. For full results, click here


Lily Fisher braved strong winds to win both races in Youth Division, on Sabot “Jester”


Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough enjoyed racing NS14 “Superfly”


Ed Molony flew around the course on Paper Tiger “Tigerdelic” to win both Multihull division races

Sailing season begins at Wallagoot Lake

The last Saturday in September holds special significance for local sailors; it is the first day of the sailing season. A warm sunny day with light to moderate winds provided perfect weather, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the small fleet.

The fast skiffs of Rob Morton and Tony Hastings had their thrills and spills, the keen racers Terry Kirby and Greg Thornton developed their sail trim and tactics, while the trailer-sailors of Brain Wright, Alan Holbrook and Andrea Lane enjoyed cruising and admiring the magnificent view. Back at the clubhouse Jeff Hope and Mike Stove worked diligently, testing and tuning the rescue boat.

Commodore Brian Wright said “we’re pleased to begin the new sailing season, hoping to see the familiar faces return and maybe some new ones.”

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club has club-owned boats available for hire, qualified instructors, and racing every Saturday. Tuition can be arranged on Saturday mornings, a special Discover Sailing Day is planned for October 23, and a sailing school will be held November 5 – 6.

Next week the keen racers head off to the Jervis Bay Regatta, while others will contest the first Handicap Start race of the season.

Alan Holbrook unrigs

Alan Holbrook unrigs his Austral20

Boats at Wallagoot Lake

From left: NS14 “Superfly”, RS100 “forty two”, Caribou “Dear One”, at rear Austral20.

Sailing crew at the WLBC

After sailing, the guys helped prepare the flags for the new season’s racing. From left: Neil Fisher, Terry Kirby, Tony Hastings, Rob Morton and Greg Thornton.