2011-2012 Racing Results

Championship – Catamarans
1st – Tony Hastings, Paper Tiger “Tigerdelic”
2nd – Max Dogger, Paper Tiger “the Mystery Tiger”
3rd – Terry Ubrihien, Maricat 1816

Championship – Monohulls
1st – Rob and Sian Morton, MG14 “The Wizard of Oz”
2nd – Terry Kirby, Sabre “Frodo”
3rd – Neil Fisher, Sabre “Windsong”

Handicap Series
1st – Brian Wright, Caribou “Dear One”
2nd – Neil Fisher, Sabre “Windsong”
3rd – Maurie Lynch, Sabre “Warungarea”

Best Woman Skipper – Wendy Miller, Sabre “Argus” and Pacer “Argonaut”

Rising Star – Matt Sochacki, Impulse “Bunyip”

Youth – Eddy Molony and James Hagan