Race Reports 2019-20

Sailors go full blast on Wallagoot Lake

Two handicap-start races were held on Saturday 19th October on Wallagoot Lake, in conditions that reached the maximum wind we sail in.

Terry Kirby won the first race convincingly, then quit while he was ahead and didn’t start race two. Jeff Hope and Morrie Lynch led for most of the race before being passed at the last mark. Terry Ubrihien started last and made a successful charge through the field to finish third.

Joey Lydiard seems to enjoy sailing a different boat every race and jumped on an Impulse dinghy to wind race two. Terry U again blasted around at top speed to score second. Rob Morton was spectacular on his RS100, getting plenty of air under the boat and coming home in third.

Story of the day though was the battle between Rod Anderson and Bob Harris, who started together in both races, and battled side by side all day. Rod finished narrowly ahead in race one, and it looked like Bob was going to finish ahead in race two. During the last tack, not 50 metres from the finish line, Bob capsized which allowed Rod to catch him. Then Rod also capsized on his final tack, so it became a race of who could right their boats first. Rod won that battle, while Bob laughed it off. It was all good fun; despite a few capsizes and retirements, at the end of the day no-one was hurt, no boats were damaged, and we marvelled at a late hailstorm from the comfort of the clubhouse over beers.

Next week two Pointscore races are planned after a morning training session. For more information please see the club’s website; wlbc.org.au

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The meaning of life
The meaning of life

Championship begins

The season’s first pointscore races were held in perfect conditions on Wallagoot Lake, Saturday 12th October. A south-easterly breeze blew around 6 – 8 knots in race one, then increased to around 10 knots in race 2.
Rob Morton won the first race on his RS100, followed by Goete Vikstrom’s Laser Radial and Terry Kirby’s Sabre.
Sian Morton took a stunning victory in Race 2, well ahead of her Sabre rivals and close enough to to lead beats to win on corrected time. Goete claimed another 2nd place, and Rob Morton took third.
In the multihull division, Joey Lydiard’s Mosquito with spinnaker won ahead of Mark Gebrand’s Mosquito in both races.
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Sian Morton finished well ahead of her Sabre rivals and won the race overall
Sian Morton finished well ahead of her Sabre rivals and won the race overall

Sailing Season begins

The Wallagoot Lake Boat Club held its first races of the season on Saturday 5th October, after racing was cancelled the week prior due to strong winds. Results can be found here.

A team of sailors from the club raced in the Jervis Bay Regatta, where Rod Anderson from Merimbula won the multihull division. Rob Morton from Pambula was the only of us who managed to complete all six races, and finished sixth in his division. Tony Hastings debuted a new boat, which was not entirely ready for acing but still finished 5th in the multihull division. Terry Kirby and Ian Curtis enjoyed the off-water comradery.

This Saturday, 12th October, will see the club host the first Pointscore Races of the season, that will count towards the club’s Championship. There may also be free sailing lessons in the morning, if anyone interested contacts the club and books in.