Wallagoot Lake Boat Club

Race Reports 2017-18

Good times on Wallagoot Lake

After poor weather cancelled racing for two weeks, the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club was pleased to complete two handicap-start races on Saturday December 9.

The thirteen boats began racing on their individual handicaps, ranging from one to 25 minutes, and then raced for around an hour in each race in light – moderate winds. Both races were won by Bob Harris, with Jeff Hope second and Neil Fisher third.

Apparently Bob made a small change to his traveler system, which resulted in him sheeting in tighter, pointing higher, sailing faster and substantially improving his race times. He made the best decisions around the course; decided which shifts to tack on and which path to take around the course.

In both races there was also a close battle for third place, with five boats all finishing closely together.

Thanks to Mike Stove and Josh Dorrough for being Officers of the Day, especially to Josh for loaning his boat to Darren to sail, and loaning a rudder for Tony to be able to compete.

Next week will be the final races for the year, with sailing resuming on Saturday January 13. Next week’s races will be unique ‘sprint races’, designed to provide training in starts, buoy rounding and tactics, useful for those going away to race in their class’s National Titles. A Christmas Party will be held at the clubhouse from 3pm, all welcome.

Bab Harris won both races

Bab Harris won both races

Racing rained out

Racing on Saturday December 2 was cancelled, due to heavy rain and lack of wind.

Racing blown out

Racing on Saturday November 25 was abandoned after most of the boats were in trouble prior to the start of race one. Strong, bullet gusts and massive shifts made sailing too difficult. At the scheduled start time, two boats had headed back to the clubhouse, two had gone to the nearest shore, two more were capsized, and none were at the startline ready to race.

Thrills and spills on Wallagoot Lake

Fourteen boats raced in two pointsore races on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday, in unusually gusty and shifty winds.

Reigning champions Rob and Sian Morton, on their MG14, and Terry Ubrihien on his Nacra catamaran, won both races in their divisions. While pointscore races often see these champions blast away from the fleet on the first reach, leaving all opposition far behind, that was not the case on this occasion. Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough sailed a similar MG14 “Superfly” to the Morton’s “Wizard of Oz”, and managed to take the lead on the windward legs, which the Mortons regained on the offwind legs. Still resolving some rigging and handling issues with their new spinnaker and trapeze systems, Superfly dropped the sail in the lake on the last lap, which brought them to a sudden halt. They recovered to finish second, just 40 seconds behind at the finish.

The fleet included a strong Sabre contingent. A terrific start by Terry Kirby gave him tactical advantage, while Neil Fisher chased him all race, unable to get past. Behind them Rodger Ubrihien, Bob Harris, Ava Petersen, Mike Stove, Wendy Miller and Dave Taylor all raced closely.

Darren Lydiard’s Stingray cat raced closely with Terry’s Nacra, finishing 30seconds ahead at the finish line, but dropping behind on yardstick corrected time.

In race two, the results on corrected time were close; Terry Kirby was just 17 seconds behind the Mortons, and only 20 seconds ahead of Neil Fisher. Superfly had a disastrous race, starting late after failing to solve some rigging issues, then snapping off the rudder blade and requiring a tow home. Darren beat Terry over the finish line by 30 seconds, but behind on corrected time.

Next week, two handicap start races will be held. There will not be a morning training session as the instructors are all away at various other events.

For more full results, click here for Race 7  and here for Race 8, and here for photo gallery (on Facebook)

the winners about to cross the finish line

the winners about to cross the finish line

Northies triumph on Wallagoot Lake

Josh and Jarrah Dorrough, on their NS14 “Yikes!’, won both races on Saturday November 11. Josh credited their performance to his crew, Jarrah, who helped them tack quickly, sail fast, and have a faultless race. It also seems that the previous week’s sailing in Canberra’s tricky winds helped, as they found Wallagoot’s relatively stable winds easy to navigate, while other sailors found the shifts and gusts confusing. The results show that they were also the fastest monohull around the course in race two, suggesting they would have won if had been a pointscore race.

Second in race one was Ian Wood, followed by Terry Ubrihien. Ian trialed a different mainsail on his beautiful, wooden NS14, while Terry used a new trapeze harness and was spectacularly fast around the course.

In race two, Sian Morton finished second, ahead of Ian Wood.

This Saturday, the morning training session will be followed by two pointscore races. There could be some spectacular action, as the MG14 “Wizard of Oz” of Rob and Sian Morton will be challenged by the recently constructed MG14 “Superfly” of Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough.

Full results of race one and race two, and click here for photo album on Facebook

Josh and Yarrah Dorrough won both races on their NS14 “Yikes!”

Josh and Yarrah Dorrough won both races on their NS14 “Yikes!”

Canberra mayhem highlights Wallagoot heaven

Thirteen boats raced two Pointscore Races on Wallagoot Lake on Saturday November 4th, while another two raced in the ACT Dinghy Championships.

The Wallagoot fleet enjoyed a light to moderate easterly wind in Race One, won by Rob Morton on his RS100, just 16 seconds ahead of Neil Fisher on corrected time, who was a mere 8 seconds ahead of Terry Kirby. Darren Lydiard battled closely with Rob around the course, but dropped down the order or corrected time.

The wind freshened in Race Two, which Terry Kirby won by a over a minute. Neil Fisher finished second, and Rob Morton third.

Terry Ubrihien was sole entrant and winner of both Multihull Pointscore races.

Results of Pointscore 05 and Pointscore 06

The NS14s went to Canberra to race in the ACT Dinghy Championships, and celebrated the 50th year of NS14s racing there. 72 boats entered in total, including 10 NS14s.

Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough came 3rd in their division, and 1st classic boat. Josh and Jarrah Dorrough came 6th, 1st family entrant, and bonus prize winner. Full results.

Tony described the sailing as “exasperating, with shifty, gusty wind that even Canberra locals called the worst ever. I guess we feel that we like to be in control, to be able to predict and strategise, instead of being blown around by random turbulence.Sailing through the huge fleet added to the challenge. Sunday’s racing was INTENSE! After starting last in both races we battled through the fleet to finish maybe 3rd and 4th. It was non-stop, side-by-side racing, where every puff of wind, every wake you might catch and every trick you could pull made a difference.”

This Saturday, a morning training session will be followed by two handicap-start races.

Sail number 1705 is the NS14 of Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough, sailing through a fleet of 72 boats on Lake Burley Griffin.

Sail number 1705 is the NS14 of Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough, sailing through a fleet of 72 boats on Lake Burley Griffin.

Serene day on Wallagoot Lake

Lack of wind slowed the sixteen boats who raced at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club on Saturday October 28. The sailors still enjoyed gliding gently around the picturesque lake and the tactical challenge for finding optimum breeze.

The theory of handicap start racing is that the slower boats get a head-start. This was little help in race one, as they slowly drifted away from the start-line. The fastest boats, who started last, had better wind and soon caught the boats ahead.

Tony Hastings and Luca Dorrough won on their NS14, ahead of Rob Morton’s RS100 and Darren Lydiard’s Stingray catamaran.

Just after the lead boats finished, the wind dropped again, leaving others stranded on glassy water. The clouds parted and a steadier breeze allowed a faster second race.

Sian Morton won, on her Sabre dinghy, ahead of Brian Wright’s Caribou trailer-sailor and Terry Ubrihien’s Nacra catamaran.

Thanks to Rodger Ubrihien and Ava Petersen for being Officers of the Day. Next week some boats head to Canberra for the ACT Dingy Championships, while two pointscore races will be held at Wallagoot.

Click here for photo album (on Facebook)   Full results

Light wind racing

Growing fleet races on Wallagoot Lake

Thirteen boats contested the Wallagoot lake Boat Club’s two pointscore races on Saturday, October 21. Warm, fine weather with a 7 – 10 knot easterly wind helped the sailors thoroughly enjoy the day.
The results of both races was Rob and Sian Morton winning the monohull division, Neil Fisher’s Sabre second, and Terry Kirby’s Sabre third.
Tony Hastings won both multihull races, with Darren Lydiard second on race one, then switching to sail the high-powered 49er with Rod Skinner in race two.
Defending multihull champ Terry Ubrihien took his turn as Officer of the Day.
Before the races, a training session ran from 9 to 12, which including giving some new sailors their first taste of steering a boat. All are keen to return for more next week.
After the racing, sailors enjoyed a few drinks in the clubhouse, swapping stories of the day’s highlights.
Geoff Boulton impressed with his Devoti D-One, which he sailed with his daughter in race one and scoring a fourth place on his own in race two.
Jeff Hope marked a successful transition from catamaran to trailer-sailor by scoring a fourth place in race one, and sixth in race two.
Ian Curtis had good close battles with the lead Sabres, but his theoretically faster Impulse dinghy dropped down the result sheet on corrected time.
Next Saturday, a morning training session will be followed by two handicap-start races.

For full results see Race 3 and Race 4.    Photo album (on Fcebook)

Wallagoot's diverse fleet of catamarans, trailer-sailors and dinghys raced together

Wallagoot’s diverse fleet of catamarans, trailer-sailors and dinghys raced together

Perfect day on Wallagoot Lake

Another perfect day greeted sailors at the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club on Saturday October 14.
A dozen boats lined up for two handicap-start races in warm weather, with a steady, light south-easterly wind.
Winner of both race was Terry Ubrihien, on his new Nacra catamaran. The sleek boat started near-last, and overtook everyone to win.
Ava Peterson sailed her Sabre well, completing both races and won the second race, until it was revealed that she jumped the start. After a minute was added to her race time, she dropped down the fleet. It was still a great experience for her, to lead the fleet and cross the line first.
Wendy Miller also sailed well, even gaining time on her rivals and finishing second in race one. Darren Lydiard finished 3rd.
In Race two, Terry U won, ahead of Ava Petersen and Darren Lydiard.
Thanks to Rob and Sian Morton for acting as Officers of the Day, running both races.
Next week, a training session will be held from 9:30am, before two Pointscore Races in the afternoon.
Results of Race 3 and Race 4

Sailors race on Wallagoot Lake

Ten boats contested the Wallagoot Lake Boat Club’s first races of the season on Saturday October 7.
A steady gentle breeze made sailing easy, so the sailors focused on racing tactics and control of the sail’s shape for maximum power.
Three sailors debuted new boats; Terry Ubrihien’s Nacra 4.5 catamaran looked stunning, went fast, and gives him every chance of defending his Championship. Ava Petersen’s Sabre dinghy was refitted with some new parts, allowing to sail her ownboat on the lake for the first time. Jeff Hope cruised on a Tropic 520 trailer-sailor, looking relaxed and comfortable.
Rob Morton won both races on his RS100, both across the line and on yardstick corrected time.
Goete Vikstrom’s Laser Radial finished second in both races, after racing closely with Ian Wood’s NS14.
Third in Race One was Brian Wright’s Caribou “Dear One”, while in Race Two it went to Terry Kirby’s Sabre “Let the Wind”.
Darren Lydiard’s Stingray catamaran won Race One in the multihull division, while Terry Ubrihien sorted out the rigging on his new Nacra 4.5.
The places were reversed in Race Two, when Terry looked fast and comfortable on his new boat.
After racing, the sailors enjoyed a few jokes and drinks on the clubhouse verandah.

Click here for photo album (on Facebook)     Full results

the monohull fleet racing around the course

the monohull fleet racing around the course

Strong winds cancel races

The forecast was for 20knots all Saturday afternoon, September 30. We said – come anyway, they could be wrong. If not – yeee ha! Mark Jarvis reported “Gabo Island just posted 56knots@09:41am“.
Rob Morton and I (Tony Hastings) went out for a race, in mostly 15-20 knots. Great fun!
Wallagoot actually got choppy, some short 0.5m waves making the downhill run more interesting

Perfect start to season

Perfect warm up racing today, September 23, thanks to Darren Lydiard and Ava. Wind started off glassy, and built to solid 15+ knots with some big gusts. Great way to test out the boats and get some speed thrills.

The fleet sets off

The fleet sets off