Women’s Sailing Program 2021 – 2022

Mid-week Women’s Sailing to Continue

Wallagoot Lake Boat Club has received grant funding to operate a mid-week sailing program specifically aimed at women and girls. The program will include lessons, so no prior sailing experience is required.

“It will be cheap, with fee subsidies, and use of the club’s own dinghies,” said Club Secretary Terry Kirby. “The mid-week timing is to provide the opportunity to participate in sailing to women and girls that have commitments on the weekend. It is hoped women members of the club with appropriate sailing experience, guided by our Sailing Australia trained Instructors, would deliver the on-water sailing instruction.”

The program will begin on Thursday afternoons from 2 pm.

The plan is flexible, self-paced learning in an inclusive, fun, non-pressured and supportive environment. Non-sailing women and girls would be welcomed to engage with the group as there is always a need for helping hands.

If you are interested, please contact the club by email to wallagoot@yahoo.com.au or call Terry Kirby on: 0420 460 209.

Sian leads the fleet during a Saturday race

Sian leads the fleet during a Saturday race