GPS Courses

We’ve found advantages in having courses programmed into the club’s GPS:

  • a course can be set quickly, by zooming to each waypoint and placing a buoy
  • the courses can be adjusted, with sailors providing feedback to fine-tune buoy placement, and the waypoints updated.
  • our standard size of 800m triangle + 1km long reaches for multihulls only just fits on the lake, and the GPS courses optimise their placement

Following are images of each course:

NE-S course
North-east starboard course
 NE courseNorth-east course
 E courseEasterly course  E starboard courseCourse for easterly winds, starboard rounding
 ESE courseEast-south-east course SE courseCourse for south-easterly winds
 SSE courseCourse for south-south-east winds  S courseCourse for southerly winds
S-starboard courseSoutherly course, starboard rounding  SW courseCourse for south-west winds
WSW courseCourse for west-south-west winds WSW-starboard courseCourse for west-south-west winds, starboard rounding.
NW courseCourse for north-west winds. Fingers crossed we never use this one – NW winds always swing around; sometimes a full 180 degrees during a race N courseCourse for Northerly winds. Which never happen, but hey, we’re prepared